Mcs 8322 speakers

Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by eyefightJul 20, Log in or Sign up. MCS Honeycomb Speakers? Messages: 31 Location: the coast. Hello to all. The surrounds are shot. No big deal? No idea what to do here. I took the woofer out and to my amazement it says Technics on the back of the woofer?

The surround on one is totally gone. The other surround looks like it was applied like an old Advent. If anyone knows anything about these and how I should go about re-foaming the woofers please feel free to school me in the ways Thanks in advance.

Messages: Location: Akron, O. Got any pictures? A lot of the MCS stuff, like the speakers and turntables, were made by Technics. The monster receivers may have been made by NEC or Itoh. Messages: 15, Location: Seattle, WA. All the MCS speakers I have come across have been 82xx, interesting. Please post some pictures if you get a chance. ByrdJul 20, I will have pictures in mere moments Messages: 10, Location: RIP I have a couple of the 10" woofers refoamed that might fit those!

PM me for details if you need them. Here they are. Anyone know why? I expected the highs to cut my ears in half and the bass to be MIA, but the highs were actually not to bad and even with no surround the bass was fairly clear and present.

I really want to fix these so i can hear them loud and see how they hold up. It says watts on the back I wanna see hear that. Thanks DC. I might just do that. How could you replace the woofers in that!Page of 20 Go. Quick Links. Table of Contents. MCS Television entertainment enhancement system 11 pages. Integrated home theater system with dolby digital surround and basstrac 24 pages. Television entertainment enhancement system 9 pages.

Television entertainment enhancement system 12 pages. Television entertainment enhancement system 45 pages. Page 2: Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions This symbol found on the apparatus indicates hazards arising from dangerous voltages. This symbol found on the apparatus indicates the user should read all safety statements found in the user manual. This symbol found on the apparatus indicates double insulation.

Page 3: Specifications Please check out Bostonacoustics. The MCS speaker system delivers exceptionally articulate on-screen dialog, music, effects, and room filling bass from a small, sleek package. Compact driver placement and quality, system specific crossovers assure a wide uniform dispersion for complete coverage of a listening room.

Vintage Technics

Page 4: Placement Options Placement Options The MCS satellites and center channel are designed to easily mount on the wall using the keyhole slot s on the back of the speaker. When mounting the speakers to the wall use the supplied rubber bumpers. The keyhole mounting option is similar to hanging a picture frame on a wall.

Install a 8 screw not included into the sheetrock, making sure to go into a stud, and hang the speaker onto the screw head. Page 6: Maintenance And Service We will promptly advise you of what action to take. If it is necessary to return your MCS to the factory, please ship it prepaid. After it has been repaired, we will return it freight prepaid in the United States and Canada. Page 8: Especificaciones Consulte en Bostona-coustics. Lorsque vous montez les haut-parleurs au mur, utilisez les tampons en caoutchouc fournis.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by jdmackSep 5, Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Silver Spring, MD. The thread title says it all or asks it all. Location: San Antonio. Kenwood, I think. I remember they looked similiar back in the day.

Modular Component Systems MCS Series

Location: USA. I thought it was Technics, as some of the Turntable parts were interchangeable. DannySep 5, Technics I believe. I still have my dad's receiver and speakers from Unfortunately, the turntable died sometime in the mid 80's, and that was definately Technics-made. Location: Athens, TN. Kent TeffetellerSep 5, Daily Nightly and BuddhaBob like this.

I used my dad's cassette deck for a while, and it became my second for tape to tape dubs. Yes, I believe it was a Technics. I wasn't particularly impressed with the turntable, which probably was let go in a rummage sale with the amp after my dad bought a flashy rack job that was undoubtably an inferior product.

If he'd just replaced his cruddy not MCS speakers, he'd have been better off! Location: Little Rock, AR. This question has been discussed literally for years over at Audiokarma. Over time, more information has come to light. The answer is, a variety of different manufacturers made different pieces of MCS gear.

There are photos floating around on the web of my exact tuner with an NEC badge on it. So there is not one blanket answer. Supposedly they spec'd out their components and had 'em made by the lowest bidder. PickoidSep 5, Daily Nightly likes this. Location: Los Angeles, CA.I have these mcs series 3 way bass reflex speaker system and i don't no the price value there tall and have like a ten to twelve inch woofer 2 tweeters and over all great if any one knows any iso about them let me know all i know there old.

mcs 8322 speakers

Unfortunately they're probably not worth much. This is a very unremarkable brand, made by Technics for JCPenny. They may have been a small step above typical other department store audio products back in the 's but still not comparable to higher end brands of the time.

One roommate in my college days late 70's to early 80's had a set of MCS speakers a little bigger than the ones in the e-bay example. If yours are in better condition than the ones shown on e-bay and don't require rebuilding then you can probably get a few bucks for them just because they are working speakers but the MCS name isn't going to get you anything.

Sorry for the bad news, MCS was just never a sought after speaker. It was just another mass market product among many others. The wattage of a pair of speakers has absolutely no bearing on how loud they will be. Far more important are things like impedance, sensitivity, etc. They do affect the volume. The claimed power of watts is hopelessly over-optimistic. In the real world, you are looking at about 35 watts per channel, with a poor sensitivity and high impedance.

In other words, that is a very, very feeble system. But that's what you get with "cheap", isn't it? Update: angrypotato there like three times the ones on ebay. Answer Save. Maniac Lv 7.

mcs 8322 speakers

This Site Might Help You. RE: mcs series 3 way bass reflex speaker system? Lawrie Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Eve-lynn Lv 4. Only your ears can decide this one for you! VN-Cop Lv 7. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Add to Wish List. Questions about this item? Ask here. Availability: In Stock:.

Choose Options. Optional Foam Guard Sealer? Put me on the Waiting List. The surround is the outer suspension part of the cone. Constant vibration, time and the environment cause foam and rubber surrounds to degrade. Cloth and paper surrounds can become brittle. This causes distortion and poor performance. America's 1 brand since Brand new formula made in USA surrounds last much longer than the originals. We ship the same high quality parts used in the pro audio repair market.

mcs 8322 speakers

We do NOT use generic glues or low quality imported surrounds like others sell. Our exclusive clear drying rubber based repair adhesive is designed for paper, poly, and composite cones. Dries flexible, strong and clear.

Kits can be installed without removing the dust caps. Dust caps, shims and gaskets are available for most models if needed. Access to our complete library of how-to speaker repair videos. Economical and environmentally friendly.

Save money AND save your speakers.Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by xsshawnOct 31, Log in or Sign up. Messages: Picked these up today. MCS "Linear Phase" speakers. Excellent cosmetic condition, and actually pretty good sounding, at least to my ears!

One question though. I know they are not high-end. I know MCS components were made by various manufacturers, and these look like some Technics speakers I have seen. Also, just out of curiosity, did these sell separately, or as part of a "rack" system?

Searching doesn't result in much for these. I believe they are technics, and some of the MCS stuff is highly regarded. The only complaint I have ever heard about them is that they are a misunderstood execution of a good idea, but I'm not an expert as to why.

I would guess it has something to do with distance between drivers being too wide to be nearfield, so the staggered placement of the drivers might might not affect much once you are some distance away. Of course, I am a fan of any speaker that attempts to keep all it's voice coils on the same plane, so if I found a pair I would likely buy them if the price was right. Getting them off the ground might determine how well these can image.

I'm sure that they could be had separately, but could have been part of package systems for JCPenney. GazdatronikOct 31, Messages: 8, Location: Michigan, smack dab in the middle of the mitten. Technics made many of the MCS turntables so it's possible they also manufactured some models of speakers for JC Penney. HifiRob would know for sure, maybe he'll pop in. Messages: 3, Location: So Cal. Yes, these were made by Technics. They differ slightly from the 'real' Technics model in that they have a different tweeter, and a few slight cosmetic changes.Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by stereo98Sep 19, Log in or Sign up.

Messages: 46 Location: colorado springs, co. Just wanted to share my thoughts on these little towers. Well managed to pick up 2 pairs of MCS speakers. They were manufactured by Technics but badged MCS, and have a solid build to them, unlike many Technics speakers whic will float if thrown in a swimming pool. I will say just listening to one pair, I am very impressed. Great lows, with these speakers design they take up little space, and they tookover in my main sytem, and will also do so in the future bedroom setup.

Unexpected great sound in these JCPenney gems. Got any pics? JimesisSep 20, Messages: Location: Western Massachusetts. I have the MCS 's linear phase honeycomb speakers. I think they sound pretty good. They have the flat piston woofer and mids. Very good bass extension, but the highs and mids are a bit thin.

I had to refoam mine, which was quite a feat.

Modular Component System MCS Series 3233 -- 100% working!

Not that it was incredibly difficult, just much different than a normal refoam. And the basket edges are razor sharp so my hands were covered in cuts when completed. Also despite having a 10" woofer, the surround is more like 8. Overall they are much better than any other Technics speaker I have heard. I plan to hang onto them. Sorry no pics, but yeah as many bad cheap speakers that came it out in the 80's, ie Sharp, RCA, Fisher, Sanyo Etc, these are some diamonds in the hiding, if they would have felt like I could have tied a balloon to them, and they would float away, I would haven't given them a chance, plus the dark rosewood cabinets are always a favorite.

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