Colt bcg quality

The industry standard. Available in 9mm. Black Nitride offers increased wear-resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, lubricity and cosmetic appeal.

Guide to Super-Light AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups

It has a shinier finish than the standard matte finish of phosphate. A great upgrade. Nickel Boron NiB coatings offer durable and reliable operation. Smooth cycling and is easy-to-clean by simply wiping it down.

High pressure treated AND mag particle inspected. Titanium Nitride TiN is commonly used in industrial applications where long-wearing durability is needed.

The low coefficient of friction and high operating temperature capabilities makes this one of the best options for your firearm. We're able to bring you the most competitive prices in the market on bolt carrier groups, because that's what we specialize in. Because we offer only Bolt Carrier Groups and related products, we can focus and optimize our efforts in bringing you the highest quality components at the lowest cost possible.

This is what allows us to bring you the best BCGs, at the best prices. We know this. Our competitors know this. And now, you know this. The lowest prices on the highest quality components. Have A Question?The AR platform has arguably become one of the most finely tuned weapons ever to go bang. Its ubiquity, modularity, and open architecture have resulted in a veritable cornucopia of modifications and accessories designed to optimize it for a wide variety of applications.

Everyone from large established players to guys in their garage workshops with a good idea have conceived, produced, and marketed almost anything that you could imagine — including the topic of this article, lightweight bolt carrier groups BCGs.

From machining lightening cuts to using space-age materials, these featherweight BCGs reduce the reciprocating weight in your AR, resulting in smoother operation and reduced felt recoil and muzzle movement — allowing you to get more hits in less time and to keep your eyes and optic on target throughout. At its core, the AR platform is a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle, specifically a direct gas impingement system.

Press the trigger and the hammer is released, striking the firing pin. The firing pin ignites the primer of the chambered round, in turn igniting the powder and sending the bullet on its merry way down the barrel. As the bullet travels down the bore, it passes by a small gas port.

As this happens, gas hurtles into the gas port, through the gas block and back down the gas tube, toward the shooter. The rearmost end of the gas tube is seated in the gas key of the bolt carrier group, so the gas continues into the interior of the bolt carrier this is where the tail of the bolt assembly with its gas rings sits, hence all the fouling that builds up there and pushes it rearward, cycling the action.

When moving rearward, the bolt carrier group pushes against the buffer and action spring contained within the receiver extension. The spring compresses sufficiently for the bolt to travel far enough back to extract and eject the spent cartridge and then strip and chamber a new round from the magazine or alternately, lock back if empty. This intricate dance is dependent on a number of factors to ensure reliable operation under varying conditions.

The ammunition you're shooting might be hot military rounds, weaker commercial loads, or even custom hand-loaded mouse fart competition loads. The relation of the length of the gas system e. The combination of the bolt carrier group and buffer reciprocating against the action spring is also important.

colt bcg quality

Some complain that the AR platform poops where it eats, but you still have to appreciate the ingenuity of Stoner's in-line design. For applications where your life depends on your weapon, you would emphasize maximum reliability — so the mix of all of the components listed above needs to work no matter what type of ammo and what sort of conditions.

This could be hot military loads in the blazing desert, or weak imported commercial ammo in the freezing cold with a disgustingly fouled gun.

The solution for this is typically plenty of gas and heavier components — the gun will kick more, but that's not the highest priority in this case. Plus, work on your technique and you can enhance your recoil management. But we're Americans, and we can't resist tuning things to optimize their performance, whether cars or guns. And when you have narrower operating parameters — known ammo, known range of conditions — you can do this with your AR and still leave yourself with extra margin.

Because even if you're just shooting paper and steel for bragging rights or a prize table, you still want to win and a malfunction could be catastrophic to your rankings or ego.

Generally speaking you want to tune your rifle to operate reliably with the weakest ammo and coldest conditions that you expect to encounter.

Since the BCG along with the buffer comprises the mass that reciprocates from shot to shot, they affect felt recoil and muzzle rise. Reducing that mass — and also the gas operating the action — will dampen the first recoil impulse when the BCG and buffer hit the rear of the receiver extension as well as the secondary impulse when the BCG goes back into battery.

Utilizing your desired combination of adjustable gas block or gas keygas port size, gas system length, and ammunition, along with a lightweight BCG and bufferyou can tune your rifle to consistently feed new rounds and lock back on empty. Standard buffers typically weigh from 3 to 5 ounces, while our baseline Mil-spec BCM bolt carrier group weighed Sure enough, the lightest BCG we tested clocked in at a feathery 5.

Steel: Many companies machine material away from the tried-and-true steel bolt carrier design to reduce weight. Some are more extensive than others, and the lightest are not able to retain the forward assist feature — some may bemoan this and others will celebrate it.

They all boast advanced finishes as well see Issue 13 for more details on the various coatings and treatments. While some tout that lubrication isn't necessary, we always use plenty of lube and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the extra lubricity such finishes provide.

Titanium: A wonder material used widely in aerospace applications, titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element, while being highly corrosion resistant. Compared to steel, 6AL-4V is about 40 percent lighter, with comparable yield strength, but lesser ultimate tensile strength.

One could question the latter spec, but we'd argue that in the case of a bolt carrier, if it starts to deform it's already time to be concerned. On the negative side, titanium is softer than steel and galls which is adhesion and friction between two surfaces sliding against one another — sound familiar for a bolt carrier?Eligible for. APF has taken their line of precision AR components and added a Nickel Boron coating to provide increased lubricity and much greater wear resistance than standard finishes.

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Own this product? Product Reviews are not compatible with your browser.Related Expertise: Operations. It goes without saying that quality is a key competitive factor in every industry. Problems with quality translate quickly to lower levels of customer satisfaction, higher costs, and shrinking revenues. Over the past 20 years, most companies have invested heavily in quality improvement—including quality management systems, quality processes, and IT systems—aiming to secure and consistently improve the quality of their operations.

Despite the marked improvements that have come from these efforts, however, recalls due to quality deficiencies are still common, costing companies billions of dollars. According to insurance records, the auto industry has claimed the highest costs, followed by the food and beverage industry. See Exhibit 1. On the whole, people tend to behave rationally and are influenced by the behavior of others; seldom does anyone intentionally act to the detriment of corporate goals and values.

In order to raise performance and quality, employee behavior has to change. Leaders are often aware of this, attempting to change employee attitudes—and therefore behavior—through broad communication programs. But this approach tends to trigger self-defense mechanisms. People prefer to stay within their established way of working—if they see no rational reason to change. Simply telling them to change is not enough. To change the behavior of employees, you have to adjust the context in which they work.

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How to Create a Culture of Quality Improvement

In the medium term, values and attitudes will shift, which then leads to a sustainable improvement in quality. In one example, a company became aware that employees were only following rules and processes when it was absolutely essential. Project managers monitored quality criteria for full compliance but did not question the results.

Their performance was evaluated more on the basis of adherence to budgets and time schedules than on long-term quality goals, such as nonquality costs in production or warranty costs.

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The Tale of 3 Colt BCGs

Such behavior often results in unnecessary costs, delays in launching new products because of elaborate error correction late in the process, dissatisfied customers, and dissatisfied employees.

Changing the context can correct the root causes of behavior issues. Employees have to see fast decision making and a focus on sustainable improvements as useful, worthwhile, and rational.

colt bcg quality

And management has to move employees from having a silo mentality toward embracing a cooperative culture. Observing six simple rules can help foster cooperation and reduce complexity, often leading to a noticeable change in behavior within a short period of time.

In order to foster cross-functional cooperation, an automotive OEM applied numbers 1 and 2 from this list. The company implemented a quality council to foster a cross-functional common understanding about quality issues and required actions. The roles of the quality council, quality management department, and functions are now clearly defined. This has led to flat hierarchies and fast decisions. Another automotive OEM leveraged number 5, extending the shadow of the future.

Now the project manager for the development of a new car has the burden of the warranty cost of the former model, which comes in addition to cost-saving targets for the new model. The CEO has stated that he expects cooperation from his employees—a value that has become engrained in the culture.You can also browse models that have been rated as best by our informed customers.

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colt bcg quality

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The Real Cost of Poor Website Quality

Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Please add " opticsplanet. Popular Brands. Faxon Firearms 5. FailZero AR JP Enterprises. Obsidian Arms AR 5.

colt bcg quality

Daniel Defense Complete 5. Deals View All. While supplies last! Filter by: Categories. Made in USA. Customer Reviews. Related Links. Navigate to: Brands. Compare 0. Remove All.Out of Stock. Unit Weight.

Colt Upper Receiver

Gift Certificate Amount. What Belong. Child Price. Regular Price. Parent Options. Original Description. Free Shipping. Affiliate Gift Certificate. Credit Amount. Blue Label Item. LE Academy Cadets. Court Judge. State Licensed Security Company. Corrections Officer. Military personnel. Sworn Law Enforcement officer. Not more than one purchase - Glock Blue Label. Resident of Texas. The Faxon 9mm Bolt Carrier Group is the perfect choice for your pistol caliber carbine.

This Gen 2 BCG is a full mass carrier, fully heat treated, wit For more information, see www. Running two of these, fired thousands of rounds. No problems. Also using Faxon 9mm barrels. With a Faxton barrel and a Karri's Colt adaptor this unit digested everything I could get in the magazine.

Cheep ammo, round ball, hollow point, everything. No misfires, no jamb, no problems at all. Yes, I would like to receive special offers, and to hear about new products and brands. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.

Manufactured by Faxon Firearms. NOTE: Limit 2 per household. Quantities exceeding 2 will not allow checkout.Free Shipping on orders TO ALL our customers some packages could be delayed in shipping, or looked like they are not on there way?

Please expect delays. Please be patient, we still have customers emailing us asking where there tracking is after a few days, if you need your package ASAP make prior arrangements. Look at these gems brand new in box you get the whole set up, the rail covers the vertical grip the Handguard don't waste time these are flying out the door. PRICE When you get your BCG expect some grey, expect some black theres a mix of all the goodness we cannot guarantee which one you will getthey have been in a Aresnal for 30 years plus,we can make sure you get what your after QUALITY!

New Raptor style Charging handle for your 5. There a perfect addition to the Shark Line UP. Get them today from the Shark and save. We are going to do a special on these cuz we only have a bag full these are take offs from devices they don't look used but have signs of some slight storage wear if that makes sense?

Just want to let you all know, so lets do 1x Knights Armament Company M5 RAS hand guard we have just a few in at this price if your kicking it over think long, think wrong these will go quick!

Coming soon in OD green what you see is what you get for right now buy with confidence this just fills another piece of that clone pie. We want our customers to have the very best products, quality is what we stood for since day 1. These FN Buttstocks are just quality thru and thru just so much better than ordering a random We search the U. S looking for the hard to find items just for you. We also carry items for today's Clone builders as well as the latest in AR parts and furniture.

We are tirelessly working on finding parts for our customers, now that we have established a good customer base our family of clone builders is huge, and we can literally sell a rack of parts in a few hours on some days?

Also if theres something you would like to see more of let us know we are open to suggestions. If anyone has any questions or concerns you can email us at: Sharkarmory gmail. If trying to place a order please email us 24 hours a day. Powered by GoDaddy Website. Home Home Page Cont. Gun Parts.


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