Coleman mach 8 blower motor

Their products are top notch, but the delivery delays are in-excusable. Casita used the Coleman Mach 8 air conditioner from mid to mid The Mach 8 is easy to spot from its very-low profile cover. The hush kit contains 3 components: an updated fan, replacement fan grill, and low speed relay box. The fan blade has the model number molded into the top so you can peek in through the cover and see which one it is. There are a couple of good how-to-install videos on youtube, so this article will discuss what it does rather than a step-by-step install.

And another good video with a better way to cut out the shroud and a better place to mount the relay:. The restrictive grill is cut out of the top of the shroud and the new metal grill is bolted in place. It flows more air, reducing noise. Next the relay box is mounted and wired in-line with the condenser blower motor. The box is screwed to the metal panel and the wires are spliced inline to the motor and power feeds.

Mounting up and out of the way is a better idea. Where did you get your kit? Are they even still in business? Perfect casita sells the kits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

And another good video with a better way to cut out the shroud and a better place to mount the relay: The restrictive grill is cut out of the top of the shroud and the new metal grill is bolted in place. Greg Zimmerman. Douglas Blake August 30, - am Where did you get your kit?

Greg Zimmerman August 30, - am Perfect casita sells the kits.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Jerry H. My original unit stopped working and needed replacement.

New unit arrived quickly and installed easily once on roof. I would definitely buy from Rvproductshop again. Steve S. Brian N. Steven R. I had outstanding results with the purchase of 2 RV Air units from this company. I was able to track shipment after 24 hours and received parts one day ahead of scheduled delivery. I will use them again. Kevin C. Received my replacement unit promptlyit was an exact replacement and super easy to install.

Products rep answered all my questions and made this whole process seamless. Jimmy C. Product: Mach 8 Blower Wheel A I needed a replacement part for my roof air. They had what I needed and sent it out quickly. Part was perfect fit and easy to install. I am back in the breeze. Thanks RV products. Feel free to Contact us or the manufacturer about any questions.

All backorders are shipped on a first come, first serve basis. Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Go! Add to Wish List Add to Cart. Mach 8 Blower Wheel A Add to Wish List Out of stock.

coleman mach 8 blower motor

Ceiling Assembly Grille Digital Black Zoned Thermostat A Air Conditioner Run Capacitor The failure mechanism on all three was the same—the bearings or bushings most likely would fail causing the motor to drag to the point of not operating or making loud squealing noises. On two of them, I was able to extend their life by lubricating the bushings, but they still progressively got worse and eventually needed replacement.

There are several part numbers on the label. The last number is the one we want. Of course, yours may not be the same number, but the process still applies. Figure out which motor you need and get it on the way. Part 2 will be up shortly to show how to replace the motor.

You must be logged in to post a comment. This will vary by model, but should be pretty straightforward.

AC Model Number Changes

In most cases, such as with the Chill-Grille, remove the air filter, one screw in each corner, and 3 under the filter cover. Reach up to the blower motor and spin it by hand. It should have very little resistance, it should be smooth, and there should not be any noticeable slop either up-and-down or forwards-and-backwards along the motor shaft. In some cases, the motor may seem fine mechanically, but hums instead of spinning when you turn it on.

With the ceiling assembly still off, turn power back on. Being very careful not to get your fingers where they could get pinched, give the motor a nudge in the right direction to see if it starts going. Head up to the roof with a camera and remove the outer cover.

Coleman Mach Fan Motor For Coleman Mach 6000/8000 Series Air Conditioners

Get a good picture of the label on the blower motor. Label on original blower motor. Prev Dishwasher Drawer and Boondocking. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Posted by David. B Aug 21, Travel Notes There is a good chance the inside blower fan in your Coleman Mach 8 AC will blow apart. It is plastic after all that is spinning up and down at a high rate of speed. So this will be a quick blog post, as the video is what you will really need at some point, that and the fact that the actual part can be very hard to find!

Which is why right after one of ours blew apart I needed to make a video, and send this quick PSA, so that you know that… 1 You can fix it yourself, and 2 Hummmm…. First stop was Amazon… Out of Stock. So after 3 waisted days of just trying to get the part, I ended up buying it from the Tiffin Parts Store directly Though at a higher cost and paying really bad shipping prices.

Took 4 more days to come in. So I was lucky and went back to Amazon the next morning and they showed the Coleman A part in stock again, so I ordered two more. Then when the time comes, remember this video to help you fit it yourself. I had this happen back I Mesa Az. LaMesa came out right a way and fix it under tiffin warranty. All good now. Also, we had an AC go bad and the entire unit needed to be replaced.

We had trouble sourcing it and wound up buying it from Tiffin. It was cheaper, including the freight. Good video. Same with my bus. Great video! Working on an RV always looks a lot harder than it is. Usually, the issue is getting to the part you need to replace and knowing what part you need. Just something to think about — is there any PM that can be done on the AC while you have the cover off? Coil cleaning, checking the condensation drain, etc.

You surely can clean the outside coils when you have it apart. After you take off the first cover I would not recommend doing the inside coils with a hose as then water would get into the ducts. We were trained, as part of our safety classes, to confirm that all energy sources electric, Air, hydraulic, etc were off right at the machine before replacing parts. Yep, you will need one. We did. My husband was able to repair the fan enough to make it limp along until we could get one, so now we have two spares — a new one and the limp-along.

Did you clean fan blades in the past? Did you ever consider replacing the brown shroud with a white cover? Hi…No, we keep our intake vent filter clean as we can. Opening it and removing the fan just to clean it I did not see the point. Not that the build up you had seen was after 6 years. Again, we clean our intakes at least once a month…if needed. As far as replacing the black shroud with white…No…I would not see any point in doing that.We're committed to developing new and innovative ways to make the RV experience more comfortable than ever before.

All rights reserved. About AirXcel. Home About Airxcel About Airxcel. Contact Us. Conflict Minerals Policy. RV Group. Australian Market.

Marvair Group Brands. American Made We've produced more than 6 million units, all built in our factory in Wichita, Kansas. Established in The Coleman-Mach brand has a proud heritage of quality, service and innovation. Coleman-Mach We're committed to developing new and innovative ways to make the RV experience more comfortable than ever before. Welcome to Coleman-Mach, an Airxcel brand. Every time. Over the years, we've earned a reputation for producing high quality products with long lasting consumer value.

But more than that, we are known for our commitment to developing new and innovative ways to make the RV experience more fulfilling and comfortable than ever before. Power Saver series.

Mach 8 Hush Kit

To address additional customer requests for lightweight, ultra-low profile air conditioners and heat pumps, we introduced our revolutionary MACH 8 Plus series. These units are 8. Air Conditioners High performance and built to last, our ACs provide unmatched cooling power with a variety of applications. Heat Pumps A great way to keep the chill off on a cool morning or evening, our Heat Pumps come in multiple configurations to fit any need.All players that take part in a match will be considered runners for First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, To Score a Goal and Player to score 2, 3 or more betting.

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Coleman Fan Motor 1468A3069 (fits the 6000 and 8000 series)

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Installation of a Micro-Air EasyStart™ Soft Starter on RV AC

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coleman mach 8 blower motor

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coleman mach 8 blower motor

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