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Fender guitars are classics. From the Stratocaster and Telecaster to the Jazzmaster and many other. Also read the fake Gibson j guitar review. These guitars are very expensive which is why many people seek fake Fender guitars. Of course you will not get an exact copy playing like the real deal.

But you will get what you pay for. If you are a professional, I would not recommend buying a fake, since the sound is not like the genuine. There are several options for finding the specific model you look for. The most obvious is to just type in the model name, Stratocaster and Telecasterwhich actually works okay. Not many suppliers though. If you, on the other hand, uses different acronyms listed below you will end up with more options and sellers with some extremely relevant feedback.

You do want to buy the best possible fake Fender within your budget right? So here are some good search options for replica Fender guitars most reputable sellers listed in the top. This brings you some relevant results but another way is to find the best shop perfect if you are not set on a specific model yet.

After doing some research for fake Chinese Fender guitars, I noticed a couple a very reputable shops among the results. If you are not sure how to see if a shop is reputable the check the small picture below — First you see how long the shop has existed, then number of orders and last the feedback score.

All three elements are important. You dont want to buy from a 1 week old shop with no feedback. Last way of searching is by artists. If you are looking for some iconic guitars played by great artists. Below I have listed the top 3 fake Fender guitar shops I could find at Aliexpress, judged by the above. It is a good thing to buy the guitar with a case, especially if wooden. It is a long journey from China and handling is not one of the key objectives.

cheap telecaster copy

You can also use DHL or Fedex for faster and better shipping. This will, however, cost you a reasonable amount of money. Also be aware of customs.

These guitars will be stopped at customs most likely not if using DHL or Fedex and you will have to pay additional vat and handling fee.If you're looking for a cheap Stratocaster, it's worth considering the Squier and non-Fender backed offerings featured on this page. Plus, there are variations on the traditional Strat spec for those who want a more modern sound. First, a side by side run-down of the top 3 picks.

Without doubt the best Stratocaster in the Squier range in production today. Consistently well setup from the factory, with many owners reporting the same impeccable fretwork and finish as with the Classic Vibe Telecaster equivalent. The Alnico V pickups have enough chime to illustrate your clean rhythms resonantly and intricately, if a little on the quiet side. Very well balanced, warm and rich yet with enough high end crispness to give your solos the bite they need.

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The neck pickup offers some wonderfully chiming bell tones - far more usable in this position than other cheap strats. Only a few have flirted with the notion of changing the bridge pickup preferably to something with higher outputbut this is more a minor tweak of personal preference than the replacement of a cheap part.

The "out of phase" positions are where the CV and in my opinion any Strat worth its salt shines and instantly deliver that famously smooth Strat tone.

Again you have the experienced pickers admitting that a lowly Squier out performs the Mexican and even US Fender standards.

What’s the cheapest telecaster that you still feel is worth owning

Considered by many the top player in the Squier range before the Classic Vibe came along. There is also the feeling that Squier's newer models from Chinese factories follow firmly in the footsteps of their highly acclaimed Japanese production era. The basswood body compared to the more expensive Classic Vibe's alder body makes the Deluxe especially lightweight. It's a softer wood than alder, so it will dent and ding more easily, but it helps to deliver a slightly warmer tone than your typical Strat brightness and brashness, naturally rounding off any unpleasant ice picky treble.

It's a less layered sound, with an emphasis on warm, fat mids rather than low end beef or high end sparkle. Aside from the subtle tonal nuances, the Deluxe captures the full essence of the Strat sound, in all its out-of-phase "quacking" glory, as confirmed by long term strat owners who were intrigued at Squier's higher end offerings.

Most users have expressed the desire to keep the stock pickups which, along with the other built-to-last parts, make this a solid "no upgrades" candidate, which is unusual for a guitar of this price. Note you can also get the Deluxe with a flamed maple finish, but most places just stock the two current neutral finishes. The Pacifica series has been around since the mid 90s and has slowly gained its reputation as the budget modified Strat copy. The V is the newest model, a marked improvement on the now cheaper J which still receives tremendous praise.

The bridge humbucker provides you with a beefier output than the classic SSS configuration for high gain and distorted tones, while you can still switch back to the middle-neck single coils for those classically sweet Strat cleans. The 5-way switch is retained to let you experiment with the 's rich variety of tones. New on the V model is the coil-tap, giving you even more tonal variation.

cheap telecaster copy

Simply pop up the tone knob to give that humbucker a more traditional single coil vibe. Many players buy this guitar for its neck alone. Slimmer than your standard Strat. Quick, comfortable and ultra playable.Well nobody else. Everything here is "distressed goods". Guitar brands from all over the world, faced with dwindling sales and depleted cash, canceled their orders with factories all over the world.

7 Affordable Guitars You Need To Try BEFORE You Buy!!

The factories STOPPED production, so they wound up with some routed but unfinished pieces, some finished but un-assembled pieces, and some completed guitars that got disassembled to harvest the metal parts. We bought it ALL.

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These are all at the very least scuffed up with minor scratches, at the worst they either need luthier skills to finish or need to be stripped and refinished. Some pieces that have brands that do not have copyright in the USA are presented here with the brands intact, others have been sanded off. We did not commission any of this- we bought it all as-is and are selling it all as-is. You buy it, you own it… you deal with it. We have photographed and described them fairly.

There are some ridiculous bargains to be had here…. Once in a lifetime boys…. We will be posting new items DAILY…first come…first served… Most of the good stuff is going to go FAST, so if you need some time to decide, I hope you will instead look at our first quality necks, bodies and complete guitar kits.

Those are in stock and always available. Please do not ask us to hold anything- we cannot. Stuff will be posted daily until sold! More results: 1 2 3 Next Page View All. Browse by Price.Although Fender originated the design—and owns the trademark to the precise shape of the slim, elegant Telecaster headstock—the T-style contributions of several other manufacturers still enhance the wonderful variety of bolt-neck single-cuts available to the player today, from extremely affordable options to the most detailed, high-end, hand-built examples.

Long one of the most respected names in quality alternative American-made electric guitars, Tom Anderson cut his teeth on T-style creations, and the fact that titans of Tele tone such as Pete Anderson, Clint Black, and Dierks Bentley have wielded Andersons counts for a lot. Throughout his plus-year career, West Virginia-based maker Bill Crook has been known for his high-quality T-style guitars, but he has also been famous for paisley guitars in particular, thanks to the patronage of—yep—Brad Paisley.

Nashville-based maker Dan Strain first gained attention for his vintage-style guitars largely via word of virtual mouth on the guitar boards, and has recently become one of the more celebrated makers of pre-aged T-styles.

This versatile maker has several guitars based roughly on the bolt-neck, single-cutaway platform, including some notable Super-Ts in the USA-made series. Chris Kroenline began building his K-Line branded F-style guitars as a sideline in the early s, and made it his full-time occupation around Although this St.

A veritable T-nut, Chihoe Hahn of Newburgh, NY, has devoted a huge part of his craft to nailing the optimum vintage-style tone and performance from his creations, which nevertheless incorporate several cleverly designed in-house variations on the traditional components.

Lance S. Lerman founded LSL Instruments inwith help from his wife Lisa following a long career split between woodworking and guitar playing.

Since that time, LSL has become one of the premier contenders for players seeking upgraded performance in a mid-priced F-style guitar. Scott Lentz Sr. Lentz does make a set-neck model, the Croydon, but the shop is best known for its impressively well-made bolt-neck, F-inspired designs—the cornerstone of which is the impressive T.

In-house pickups are used on most guitars, and hardware and components are all top-notch. Through these multifarious guitar-centric pursuits, Senn developed a passion for vintage bolt-neck guitars, and he established Senn Guitars in to re-create them for others. Senn has built guitars for Bruce Springsteen and John Fogerty, among others. Or check out some alternatives in the Vintage Modified, Thinline, or J5 models. Among the broad range of good-value products under the Guitar Fetish GFS umbrella, the Xaviere guitar range stands out as exhibiting outstanding bang for the buck, and it presents several enticing variations on the T-style to boot.

Guitar Aficionado. Home Gear Guitars Solidbody Electric.Skip to main content Telecaster Style Guitar. Currently unavailable. Body is Sycamore neck and fret board maple" - by Jude the Obscure. I paid less and got free shipping Prime member Arrived well packed with no damage, all accessories were there. Initial inspection revealed no defects. Poly finished body with a satin neck and poly finished head stock face. Fit and finish is excellent. Body is Sycamore neck and fret board maple.

Scale: The neck is straight with proper relief. Checked using Fended specs. The tuners are smooth and tight. The frets are level and the edges are smooth, Almost in tune and tuned right up.

Intonation was good with the exception of the A. Set up was very good, low action with no string buzz up and down the neck. The chrome on the bridge, saddles and switch plate is See All Buying Options. This is a great value. Seems well made fro the price. The only thing I would say is that it only has setting for rock and not traditional style. My kid loves it but envies my other boys Fender Starcaster which has all the pickups and seems to stay in tune better than this model.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

Consumer Electronics Microphone. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Contact Supplier. China electric wholesale lectric guitar telecaster Ziko ziko Electric guitar string vacuum package wholesale nickel guitar string for dn Pleroo 62 year tl telecaster 3 ply mint green best replacement pickguard For fender guitar.

Electric Guitar bass strap hardware Strap telecaster guitar accessories. Q: How long is your delivery time9 A: Generally it is days if the goods are in stock. Custom shop telecaster pickup and bridge and control line set te le tone hand wound gma09 cn gma black gma09 guitar guitar guitar pick ups. Guitar telecaster system support supplier stratocaster strat store spare guitar parts spalted maple soundboard sound effects. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our products and services.

You are welcome to place sample order to test our superior quality and service. We can provide professional OEM services to make it your brand even for your trial sample order.

Pleroo 62 year tele black china instruments guitar accessories pickguard for fd telecaster cn zhe Pleroo PVC tele pickguard. Pole spacing : So many kinds of musical instrument accessories. EVERESTguitar telecaster system support supplier stratocaster strat store spare parts spalted maple soundboard sound effects.

Pickup for telecaster electric guitar black with silver cn gua bridge pickup dual rail oem customized guitar other. Guitar telecaster guitar accessories fitting Fashionable chrome Snowl Brass bass Guitar bass guitar strap lock button fastener telecaster guitar.

cheap telecaster copy

Pleroo for fender telecaster guitar Celluloid TL tele pickguard cheap factory price tl guitar pickguard 10pcs 8. China telecaster OWOZ guitar bass strap lock button fastener. Chinese factory Electric Guitar Scratch Pickguards for fd telecaster. Include 3 way switch, chrome speed knobs, volume and tone controls. Made of chrome-plated zinc alloy material. About product and suppliers: china telecaster products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.

A wide variety of china telecaster options are available to you, There are suppliers who sells china telecaster on Alibaba. Related Search: 3 pickup telecaster the best telecaster telecaster guitar electric electric guitars telecaster guitars made in indonesia guitar pickup parts 3m respirator mask alibaba china app.Wesman Todd Shaw started playing the guitar when he was 12 years old.

He loves nothing more than to pick one up and pluck some strings. First there was the Fender Esquire. It was a single pickup version of the Telecaster, but it didn't have a truss rod in the neck, and failed as a product.

Then there was the Broadcaster, a Telecaster - but a lawsuit took the name away, and the guitars became Nocasters. By the time the instrument became named once and for all time the Telecaster, the thing was a perfect product.

It couldn't be improved upon. Everyone wanted one. But not everyone could afford one. As you can well imagine, Japanese guitar builders could produce very nice Telecaster guitars and sell them for less.

Fender utilized Japanese builders for themselves too. But not all the instruments we will discuss here are from Japan. The Telecaster was and is a revolutionary product.

The simple design can easily be mass produced. The Telecaster is like the Ford Model-T in this way. But cars have been massively improved.

The solid body electric guitar has not.

cheap telecaster copy

Repairs and upgrades of materials are easy to perform with the Telecaster. The recipe of the thing is simple. Materials aren't hard to come by either. The necks are screwed in. But people describe them as bolt-ondespite this not being exactly truthful.

At first the entire neck was a single piece of maple. This isn't true so often now. And a rosewood fingerboard is preferred by some players. The maple fret-boards were extremely unorthodox at the time. They make a difference, as players well know, insofar as the tonality is concerned. Bodies can be either ash or alder. George Harrison made a rosewood Telecaster cool.

But such instruments aren't keeping with Telecaster traditions. Two single coil pickups, of differing nature, and simple controls anyone can comprehend and utilize are the order of the day every day for a Telecaster.

Tokai made Telecasters so good there were people saying the Tokai guitars were better than the Fender versions, and they also cost a lot less. Now there is more to the story than that. There usually is. Whether or not there was a cease and desist letter from an attorney, or not is something I've not been able to find out.


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